Martina Hytychová

+420 608 885 002

More than 2 years ago I started to work on my goal to become a Web Developer. I have been learning from an experienced programmers, attended tech meetups in Prague. I made improvements every day, step by step. I am still a junior trying to learn as much as I can to improve my programming skills. I build my own projects where I could practice everything what I have learned so far on workshops, courses or just Googling ;) as many programmers do.

I am interested in modern web development tools, UX design and working on new projects - see my Github. These days I am happy to help with some non-profitable projects as a volunteers such as Česko.Digital, Django Girls, React Girls, Pyladies or The reason why I am volunteering is simple - I like usefull projects and it helps me to get more experience in programming. I believe that "This is the way". If you believe I would be a good fit for your company or your team, you can contact me via my LinkedIn.